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Chord Alchemy 4.3

A reference tool for guitar, mandolin, bass players
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If you play the guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass or the ukulele, then this software has been developed to help you.
ChordAlchemy is the new family member of Tonal Alchemy. ChordAlchemy is a great reference tool for both players of chord instruments and for learners. It represents, on the whole, an electronic chord dictionary including many convenient features such as chord lookup, poly chord analysis, filtering to find chords with a specific note in the bass and a specific note in the lead a snap.
Built for beginners, it is special for those who do not know how to play a chord: making use of the Chord Lookup and Scale Lookup features, it teaches how to play a specific chord. And it is good not only for beginners but also for professional players since you can even find the most complex jazz chords and scales. Advanced players will learn specific inversions of a chord to achieve the voicing needed for an arrangement.
All in all, ChordAlchemy is highly convenient for players of more than 40 chord instruments. It will become their very best friend ever! Download it now from the developer’s web site.

Vanesa Paez
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  • Convenient for beginners and for advanced learners
  • More than 40 chord instruments included
  • Lots of convenient features


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